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According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), approximately 1% of the total polluting emissions on the planet are related to tourism. They are the best alternative for the ecological tourist.

A “green” hotel is anyone who seeks, in their resource management and training plan, a positive balance with the environment in which they are uncertain.

Green hotels can be certified and receive categories for this, such as LEED certification, which applies to all companies, or Green Star Labeling. But a hotel can also choose greener policies just because they seem logical or profitable, as in the case of EL HOTEL PUERTO VALDÉS.

What is seen in practice are decisions that range from the fabrics and materials used for the beds – many already opt for cottons or organic fibers – or the hygiene implements, seeking that these are as biodegradable as possible. The choice of lighting and garbage management, recycling in general, and solar air conditioners. For all those hotels that are located in ecologically vulnerable environments, such as deserts, and islands, choosing green practices in their facilities is a matter of competitive survival. Without the place and its natural purity, after a few years, if resources are not managed well, there is no hotel.
The green hotel trend is growing around the world based on some key actions: saving energy and water and separating the garbage. In recent times, many hotels have made the decision to contribute to making the environment less damaged. They decided to take green measures, following international standards to obtain an EDGE certification that is related to the World Bank and offers standards for certifying green buildings in emerging economies. It also requires a minimum reduction of 20% in the use of energy, water and other resources compared to local consumption levels.
Their common denominator is nature. By isolating themselves from the distractions of urban life, the person feels more connected to the environment and releases stress. Reflection, in this environment, as well as meditation allows you to discard worries. Given the growth of this phenomenon, the International Tourism Fair opened a space for the Fitur “Green”, which brings together hotel establishments that adopt energy practices and provide services for tourists interested in living the experience of staying in a place that respects the environment. environment.

Some features that should not be missing:

  • Lighting is led.
  • Lighting with motion detectors
  • Solar air conditioners
  • The bathroom discharge uses between 3 and 6 liters each time instead of the usual 9, as well as Solar hot water in a new system of Austrian origin recently installed and unique in Puerto Rico
  • The woods used in the furniture of Italian origin are from certified forests
  • The conditioners do not produce consumption peaks when starting and do not use refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer and they are on 24/7
  • They respect bioclimatic construction principles, minimizing energy consumption both for heating and for good insulation and proper orientation